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ABMultiValue Inherits from NSObject

Represents values of type kABMultiXXXXProperty. All values in an ABMultiValue must be of the same type. e.g. in a kABMultiStringProperty: all values must be strings

If you need to store away a reference to a specific value/label pair use the “identifier”.

You cannot use the Index to reference because other apps can add/remove/reorder a multivalue making your index point to the wrong pair. Identifiers are unique Ids.

- (unsigned int)count;

*Returns the number of value/label pairs

- (id)valueAtIndex:(int)index;

*Returns a value at a given index *Raises an exception if index is out of bounds

- (NSString *)labelAtIndex:(int)index;

*Returns a label at a given index *Raises if index is out of bounds

- (NSString *)identifierAtIndex:(int)index;

*Returns a identifier at a given index *Raises if index is out of bounds

- (int)indexForIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier;

*Returns the index of a given identifier *Returns NSNotFound if not found

- (NSString *)primaryIdentifier;

*Identifier for the primary value

- (ABPropertyType)propertyType;

*Type of this multivalue (kABMultiXXXXProperty) *Returns kABErrorInProperty in this multi-value is empty or not all values have the same type.