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ABPerson Inherits from ABRecord

- (NSArray *)parentGroups;

* Returns an array of ABGroup this person belongs to.
* Returns an empty array if this person doesn't belong to any group

// This section deals with adding/removing properties on people

+ (int)addPropertiesAndTypes:(NSDictionary *)properties;

* Adds properties to **all** people records. The dictionary must be of the form: *key: *propety name* *value: *property type*
* Property name must be unique
* Returns the number of properties successfuly added

+ (int)removeProperties:(NSArray *)properties;

* Removes properties from **all** people
* Returns the number of properties successfuly removed

+ (NSArray *)properties;

* Returns an array of property names

+ (ABPropertyType)typeOfProperty:(NSString*)property;

* Returns the type of a given property.
* Returns kABErrorInProperty if the property is not known

*// This section deals with creating search elements to search groups *

+ (ABSearchElement *)searchElementForProperty:(NSString*)property label:(NSString*)label key:(NSString*)key value:(id)value comparison:(ABSearchComparison)comparison;

* Returns a search element that will search on groups
*	property: the name of the property to search on (cannot be null)
* label: for multi-value properties an optional label    * key: for dictionary values an optional key
* value: value to match (cannot be NULL)
* comparison: the type of search (see ABTypedefs.h)

*// This section deals with vCards *

- (id)initWithVCardRepresentation:(NSData*)vCardData;

* Create a person from a vCard
* Returns nil if vCardData is nil or not a valid vCard

- (NSData *)vCardRepresentation;

*     Returns the vCard representation of a person

There seems to be a little confusion on what to use for the value in the NSDictionary, every explanation on the web shows:

[newProperties setObject:@”kABStringProperty” forKey:@””];

This does not work. You must create an NSNumber with one of the Constants in ABRecord.

Here is an example using addPropertiesAndTypes:

NSMutableDictionary* petProperties = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary]; [petProperties setObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:kABArrayProperty] forKey:@””]; int num = [ABPerson addPropertiesAndTypes:petProperties]; NSLog(@”addPropertiesAndTypes returned %d”, num);