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ABSearchElement inherits from NSObject

Use -[ABPerson searchElementForProperty:...] and -[ABGroup searchElementForProperty:...] to create search element on ABPerson and ABGroup.

+ (ABSearchElement *)searchElementForConjunction:(ABSearchConjunction)conjuction children:(NSArray *)children;

*Creates a search element combining several sub search element. *conjunction can be kABSearchAnd or kABSearchOr. *Raises of children is nil or empty

- (BOOL)matchesRecord:(ABRecord *)record;

* Given a record returns YES is this record matches the search element
* Raises if record is nil

An example how to get firstname and lastname based on an E-Mail address:

NSString *email = @"";

ABSearchElement *search = [ABPerson searchElementForProperty:kABEmailProperty label:nil key:nil value:email comparison:kABEqualCaseInsensitive];
NSArray *results = [[ABAddressBook sharedAddressBook] recordsMatchingSearchElement:search];

if( [results count] > 0 )
    // found someone
    NSLog([NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ %@ has the e-mail %@"], results objectAtIndex:0] firstName], [[results objectAtIndex:0] lastName], email]);

The available properties (e.g. kABEmailProperty) are defined in <[[AddressBook/ABGlobals.h>