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In AspectCocoa, an aspect is created as follows:

ACAspect * myAspect = [[ACAspect alloc] initWithPointCut: somepointcutobject andAdviceObject: someadviceobject];

Once an aspect has been created, it must be loaded in order for it to be applied:

[myAspect load];

To remove it’s functionality, it must be unloaded:

[myAspect unload];

/* Initialize this ACAspect object with a pointcut and an advice object */ -(id)initWithPointCut: (id)pc andAdviceObject: (id)adv;

/* Load the aspect, apply it’s advice to it’s point cut */ -(void)load;

/* Unload the aspect, unapply it’s advice from it’s point cut */ -(void)unload;

/* returns whether or not this aspect is currently loaded */ -(BOOL)isLoaded;