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/* Initializes this ACClass object with some Class

 Note that an ACClass object when used to define pointcuts will apply only to that method
 In Objective-C class methods and instance methods are actually stored in two separate classes
 By default, a class and it's meta class have the same name.
 So, an ACClass object created from [NSObject class] won't include class methods, such as alloc
 such methods are accessible only via [NSObject class]->isa
 ACClass alloc] initWithClass: [NSObject class;
 ACClass alloc] initWithClass: [NSObject class]->isa];

*/ -(id)initWithClass:(Class)aClass;

/* Returns whether or not this class is a meta class. */ -(BOOL)isMetaClass;

/* Returns the Class wrapped by this ACClass */ -(Class)getClass;

/* Returns an NSString representation of the class name */ -(NSString *)getClassName;

/* Returns an NSEnumerator of ACMethod objects. For enumerating through all methods on the class (not it’s meta class). */ -(NSEnumerator *)methodEnumerator;

/* Returns an array of ACMethod objects for all methods in the wrapped Class */ -(NSMutableArray *)allPossibleMethods;

/* Provides to the Aspect an array of ACMethod objects defining all methods that should be advised */ -(NSMutableArray *)getMethods;

/* Add an ACMethod object to the list of methods provided to the aspect for advising. / -(void)addMethod:(ACMethod)method;