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Free Mac mini with every membership! (in lieu of your hardware discount, of course)

But getting serious now….

*An ADC sanctioned forum for Select and Premier developers with access to Tiger builds (and other seed items) to be able talk and share information. Then, they could read everything, and they would probably get better feedback than they do from the bug reporter. <– UPDATE: I have submitted this to the ADC, so lets see what will happen.

Amen! – MikeZornek

This isn’t the first time this has been asked (far from it) and nothing’s ever happened before, so don’t hold your breath.

*.Mac subscriber discount all around.

or even a free one. if Apple wants our apps to support .Mac, they need to help us out!

Just toss a sticker in one of the mailings or something. It doesn’t have to be anything substantial to be a perk.

*Another tier at the $200 level; pre-release and GM, no HW discount or support (etc).

The $200 level is the disc subscription - you get the docs on CD every month, and OS releases; no seeds, discount or support. Unless they do away with the monthly CD mailing, I don’t see this happening.

A switch from monthly to quarterly would be fine by me. I should add here that $200 was off-the-top. I could probably justify $250, especially if the monthly mailing was included at that price.