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There’s been a spate of people talking about and asking questions about developer-level details of MacOSXTiger in the past few days. In case you weren’t aware, this is in direct violation of the NDA you agreed to when you became an ADC member. Please don’t do this, as it could have serious consequences both for you and this site. Yes, Apple does care about this kind of thing, and whether you agree with their position or not doesn’t give you the right to violate it.

The full text of the NDA is available from [] but as far as prerelease software is concerned, you are not permitted to talk about anything that Apple hasn’t already made public or anything you didn’t already legally know about (so no, that Tiger seed you downloaded doesn’t count)

You can talk about how butt-ugly Tiger’s toolbar is, but not post API details of how to implement it. If Apple posts documentation on it tomorrow, you can talk about it tomorrow.

//it sure is ugly!!! :-P// // Yeah man… that thing is a pig - hope it won’t be shipping //

Thank you, now back to your regularly-scheduled wiki.

…but not post API details of how to implement it…

You can’t post details of how Apple implements it. You can post how you want to recreate the effect all you want.

I believe it was meant to say, “new API details exclusively available to developers who read the Tiger seeds’ documentation”. – EmanueleVulcano aka l0ne