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A Perl-compatible regular expression framework using the PCRE library.

Does anyone know if it is x86 compatible ? i mean, can i just click the 2 magic checkboxes to get a universal binary ?

I just recompiled it as a Universal Binary. I had to update the targets first, and then clicked the “magic checkboxes” and it did the trick. –Daniel

Thanks Daniel

The problem with this framework is that it uses a (very) old version of PCRE (v. 4.3), which doesn’t include most of the newer matching operators.

I succesfully compiled AGRegex with PCRE 6.7 (June 2006). I have a xcode project under svn at Look at the AGRegex target which is an embedable framework.

I’m very interested by having AGRegex updated. but i can’t access your openSVN because it requires a login/pass… i’ve trie anonymous/anonymous with no success. Help ?

Yes… PLEASE provide some sort of anonymous login for this…. we need this! -Seb —-

just a bump, sorry, i really want this guy to open his svn …

I tried to get into contact with the owner of the repository, but the site’s admin informed me all the account’s emails bounce. -Seb —- :( —-

it seems the link now works! he must have come back form his long vacation… thanks.

Hi all, sorry for the delay. I moved my repository to googlecode because of the poor reliability of openSVN. Check it there anonymously: . Btw, it’s an Automator action for regex.

What I did is just update pcre to 6.7 and recompile AGRegex, that’s all ! If you want an official upgrade of AGRegex, I think you should contact Aram Greenman, the original author. Regards, Romain. —-

Thanks man! I did’nt really test it (performance wise), but anyway the old AGRegex was using PCRE 4.3 !

RegexTremendae seems to be an Automator regex action, which uses AGRegex but doesn’t package it for use by other applications. It’s also entirely undocumented. Those looking for a universal, updated version of AGRegex that doesn’t force a change of API should check out Colloquy’s AGRegex fork. It appears to be universal and uses PCRE 6.7.

SVN checkout instructions are here:

You can, of course, just check out the AGRegex project by specifying its path to “svn checkout”.

It should be noted that Apple uses AGRegex in ARD extensively. Just an FYI. – W