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Should we redesign CocoaBooks? Thing is, I never know what’s changed on that page any more, it’s too big.

I’m thinking a Topic, with just the picture and price in the summary of each page. The picture’s kinda nice, it’s a good reference, and the price is the most important initial indicator for people comparing books. We could put the buy-borrow-burn tally there too. All these comments and descriptions are probably best put on their own pages.

– KritTer

Yeah… When I first created this page there was only about four books, and only a couple comments here and there. I’ve been thinking about re-doing the page myself for several months now.

My plan was to list all of the books on the CocoaBooks page along with a small thumbnail, title and author, publication date, and the buy/borrow/burn counters. I was then going to move each book to it’s own page; each page would have the larger image, all of the publishing info and all of the community contributed comments. Pages like CocoaProgrammingForMacOSX or BuildingCocoaApplicatons. I actually OWN each and every book on the page. I wanted to take a snapshot of them all together in a stack on the newly re-designed CocoaBooks page…

…But I’m short of spare time as of late. Work a full time job AND on-the-side consulting too. I’ll be finished with a major side-job project in the next three weeks, and then I’ll have more time to do something about it. Or, knock yourself out and split it up as you see fit!

—> K. McClanahan

All done. Despite a lack of foresight on the part of whoever designed Topics on this site ::KritTer looks sheepish::, I’ve managed to format it reasonably intelligably on the CocoaBooks page.

I didn’t think author was important enough for the summary. Its name, a visual identifier and what people thought of it seems enough.

– KritTer