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Hello, I have a View, a subclassed NSTabView in fact that I want to be able to get notified and able to accept all drags, no matter what is on the pasteboard. I’ve made it register for all standard Drag Types, but I want it to be able to recieve drags of custom types too.

The view’s data source will store the contents of the pasteboard for later retrieval. Thanks for any pointers; I’ve searched the AppKit docs and can find no way to accept drops without registering for that type.


I don’t know of a Cocoa way, but see the PasteboardPeeker sample code:

Asking the question often sparks new thoughts. So did for me, and I tried out the following code:

It works and registerForDraggedTypes: is cumulative, so it’s easy to implement but it’s still not perfect. Since mouseEntered: is not sent perfectly every time, there is a small lag. Also, I can’t find a way to catch “internal” drags where the source most likely returns NSDragOperationNone (or something like that).



If you pass kUTTypeData to registerForDraggedTypes:, you’ll get all dragged types, it appears. User:Tempelorg Tempelorg (User talk:Tempelorg talk) 10:02, 13 January 2013 (EST)