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Can I somehow accept scrollwheel events when the mouse is over my window, even though the window is not in the foreground?

Drawers can do it even though they’re never really in the foreground. I don’t know how they do it but I’d try calling [window becomeKeyWindow] …

‘window’ won’t become main but it should become key so that you can snag scrollWheel: events. The docs say not to call becomeKeyWindow so quirks and future breaking should be expected.

Yeah drawers do it somehow :-/ becomeKeyWindow doesn’t seem to do anything (I put it in mouseEntered).

If you only want to catch these events when your application is frontmost, this should be possible to hack. Override NSApplication’s -sendEvent: and have it send scroll events to your window when the cursor is over it (but not over a window in front of it), and I think everything will Just Work from there.