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Has anyone here looked at or used a product called ActiveDeveloper from

It looks like an interesting product and perhaps a good learning tool, although the docs appear somewhat confusing. Because installation is more involved than just drag & drop, I thought I would check to see if there are any opinions on it.

Well the site and graphics are horrifying and obnoxious … other than that, looking at screenshots and other details, I fail to see what this has to offer a Cocoa developer over XCode. The millions of windows and the counterintuitive-looking controls and organization fail to impress. I’ll stick with XCode Tools.

I certainly don’t mean to sound overly-critical, but a good interface is quite necessary for effective software. Any computer-savvy eye can determine, at a glance, the usefulness and quality of an interface.The above sums up my views nicely; I took a look and determined it didn’t look polished enough to suggest more care went into its core than into its facade.

Response to this innocuous looking statement can be found in UserInterfaceDesign.