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Apple’s archive of the WorldWideDeveloperConference classes – available at the AppleDeveloperConnection website.

The classes include topics from Cocoa to Carbon to Quicktime and other cool stuff.

As of May 31, 2003 Apple has made all the class videos from last year’s WWDC available for free to all ADC members (including free web-only members)!

Go check it out soon because Apple will probably be clearing AdcTv after WWDC 2003 to host just the new videos as they did last year.


Actually they might not… They’re trying to get away from rehashing the same content year after year, so perhaps they’ll keep some of the older sessions which contain different content to the newer sessions, or something.

– FinlayDobbie

Thanks for getting my hopes up. They’re gone now. Sorry folks! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they’ll repost them after WWDC is over though.