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I’m dynamically adding columns to a table view, but I’m having tremendous problems. Every time I delete all columns and add one column, it adds two! Any idea?

//Delete all columns NSArray * columnsIn = [mainView tableColumns]; for (i=0; i < [mainView numberOfColumns]; i++){ [mainView removeTableColumn:[columnsIn objectAtIndex:i]]; }

//Add a column NSTableColumn * newColumn; newColumn = [[NSTableColumn alloc] initWithIdentifier:@”eone”]; newColumn headerCell] setStringValue:[item valueForKey:@”oen”; [mainView addTableColumn:newColumn];

Again, this generates two which is really bugging me. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

//Delete all columns NSArray * columnsIn = [mainView tableColumns]; const unsigned max = [columnsIn count]; for (i=0; i < max; ++i) { [mainView removeTableColumn:[columnsIn objectAtIndex:i]]; } . . .

This doesn’t work either…getting an out of bounds error. Tables seem to delete fine with the other code.

No matter what, the original code won’t work properly. As the columns are deleted, -numberOfColumns will return smaller numbers, so you never hit the end of the array.

Both versions will fail if -tableColumns returns a reference to the table’s internal array, rather than returning a copy. This is probably why the second version is getting an out-of-bounds error. The simplest solution would be one like this:

while([mainView numberOfColumns]) [mainView removeTableColumn: mainView tableColumns] objectAtIndex:0;

On a bit of a side note, you should release your newly-created NSTableColumn after you’ve added it to your NSTableView. If you don’t, it’ll cause a memory leak when it’s removed from the table or the table is deallocated. – Bo

Sorry about my knee jerk solution causing an out of bounds issue. I made the assumption that since - tableColumns is returning an NSArray and not a NSMutableArray (direct reference or not) that the contents would not change while removing columns. My bad for not testing before posting though, and I know ran into this in the past; Should have known better. Now, for some more untested code, I guess you could always NSArray * columnsIn = [[[mainView tableColumns] copy] autorelease] to avoid all of the method calls of the other solutions.

Thanks for all the help, while works fine. On a side note, I do release the tableColumn but forgot to include it in the code. Thanks!