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AmigaOS - The default native operating system of the Amiga

OS that drove/drives the Amiga family of personal computers. Consisted of Intuition (the GUI) and Workbench (everything else). Was preemptively tasked, but lacked memory protection. The most common form of IPC on Classic AmigaOS was simply passing pointers between processes. The Amiga was the first personal computer to have high-quality color graphics out of the box and found a minor niche in video production. —- See Also:

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Once again, you can buy new Amiga hardware, and an updated OS (AmigaOS4). (p)review - [ ArsTechnica] page broken, better link? That’s the correct link… it looks like the CSS is messed up in Firefox (or today… I was looking at it in Safari yesterday and it looked ok). Scroll down for the content. Yes, it’s broken in Safari too - I’d say the CSS is broken in general today. I *was able to read the content … had I paid attention to the scroll grip in the first place, I’d have known better. ;-) * I just checked - it’s all better now.

There’s a $9000 reward for the first person to get Mozilla ported -