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I’ve recently finished re-writing a VERY simple app I had previously written in Applescript Studio. I added a few things in but its basically a really simple app that takes a value delimeted string and uses the values to populate placeholders in a second (template) string. Its really just somethign I use to speed repeative/monotonous code writing for web pages.

It’s working fine & I’ve beeen using it daily, but now that its done I’d just like to double check myself & see if I did things correctly(ish). I am still in the berginner stage and dont know that much about targets (not sure why you need more than one target or how to use them) and the utilities in the /Developer/Applications.

Are there any apps that will help me examine my app & see if memory is being leaked or anything goofy like that? Like I said, its a very lightweight app & if theres a leak It’d take forever for me to even notice a problem, let alone find out for sure that its coming from my app. I’d just like to educate myself on a little more of the development process outside of the code & make sure I’m doing things right with memory management.

Any recomendations? CliffPruitt

See MemoryLeaks for advice on detecting and eliminating leaks.

Cool. Thanks much.