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This page is so that you know when you should and should not make a page for your app here at cocoadev.

This is part of a conversation I had here after making a page for my commercial app. The short version is that it is probably most accepted to put up pages for your app only if it is a useful free tool (code or open-source/freeware apps) for the community at large. That is probably appropriate because cocoadev exists first as an aid and not as a billboard. On the other hand, it also seems fine that people who use cocoadev alot show us the results of their labors. What do you think?

It’s inappropriate to create an individual page for your applications unless they’re open source. If your code doesn’t benefit other Cocoa developers, why do we care about your product? Create a personal page for yourself … feel free to mention (and link to) your products on that page.

Whoa, I’m not trying to start a flamewar or anything. I have just noticed that most everybody puts up a page for their program; after so many months of working on it it’s nice to show the community that this is another example of something that probably wouldn’t be here without Cocoadev. I seek/give help here all the time and am grateful this site exists.

It’s not a flame war when someone is only pointing out proper community etiquette ‘most everybody’ certainly does not put up individual pages for non-open-source apps. When they do, they’re told the same thing you were. As to the shareware stuff, if you didn’t find what you were looking for on those pages, add your questions to those pages. To keep the wiki clean and searchable, you need to do your part and keep questions relevant to any given topic on pages specific to that topic. That’s just the way things are.

Can I suggest a simple rule for 3rd party Cocoa developers?

If it isn’t a developer tool or open source product don’t create a page for it. Place a link to it on your personal page if you feel the need.