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AppleDeveloperConnection is AppleComputer’s very own site about all things related to developing anything for Macs.

You can find example code, tutorials, documentation, and just about everything else. Unfortunately, lately there’s been a lot of “Description Forthcoming” notes around.

Specifically of interest may be the OS X documentation page:

Also, make sure to become a free member, at the very least, of the ADC Member site:

It has lots of software available for download as well as the WWDC sessions in streaming QT. I find these sessions very useful and entertaining. Right now (10/3/01), there are only a few sessions online, but they should be putting most of them online very soon.

If you have $500 to spare, Select membership is well worth it. You get OS seeds (No more scouring Carracho! And you actually have the right to be using them!) as well as monthly cd mailings, a copy of every Apple OS release delivered to your doorstep, occasional ‘surprises’, discounts on things like WebObjects, and general VIP treatment from Apple employees on mailing lists ;)

You can get just the monthly mailings for $200

Of course if you have $3500 to spare, go for a Premiere membership. And send me one of your HW discount keys!

And don’t forget the Student membership for $99. If anyone wants extra info on this, just ask.

FWIW I don’t think select is worth $500. You get very few OS seeds, since Apple tends to only make 1 major OS release a year that’s about $100 or so, the monthly CDs only contain stuff available for free from their FTP site, and so on. You do get 2 technical support incidents, though, I think…

– FinlayDobbie