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I hope it’s okay to ask questions here… If not, sorry, and where should I go for that?

Here’s the deal: I purchased “Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X” recently, and flipped to chapter 28 on AppleScript implementation in your Cocoa apps. I followed Mr. Hillegass’s instructions as closely as possible and still pertaining to my own app, which is still very simple (change of a property name or two was all that was needed).

Roughly, I have this setup

bnumber </close everything appropriately from here...> in my scriptSuite file, and similar information in my scriptTerminology file. In my app's delegate class code, I have these methods: - (BOOL)application:(NSApplication *)a delegateHandlesKey:(NSString *)key { if([key isEqual:@"bnumber"]) return YES; else return NO; } - (NSString *)bnumber { return [numberField stringValue]; } - (void)setBnumber:(NSString *)s { [numberField setString:s]; } Using the AppleScript tell application "MyApp" set var to bnumber set bnumber to "text" end tell I can get the information JUST fine from the text field. Nothing, however, shows up/changes when I set the text (see line 3 of the script segment)... I'm sure it's a simple problem, but if anyone could help out, that'd be great! Or, let me know what else you need to see code-wise to help me. --AberrantWolf ---- You might want to check the publisher's web site for errata for that page of that specific book. You might just find a mistake. I don't know AppleScript well enough to determine that either way, but it's always worth a try and might save you the wait for a response. BTW, for consistency, please follow the rest of the community's example and put the begin/end entry tags at the top of the page. Nobody looks for the section headers at the bottom of a page anywhere. ;-) *I checked the publisher (Addison Wesley) and there's no errata or anything on the book in question, but thanks for the advice, and, um... *bump*...?* Actually, I have the book, and I can tell you that you should look at the author's site - - for the errata for both versions of that particular book. He also has a discussion board about the end-of-chapter challenges and particular pages. Quite a few people have posted there, so it's fairly useful if you're stuck on that book, not just for your particular issue, but for the whole book. -- JasonTerhorst