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I have posted the source for an extremely simple AppleScript enabled Cocoa app on my site. Interested parties can download it and read about it here: -link is not working anymore

There are a number of Cocoa AppleScript support examples on the web, but I think mine is useful because:

I hope people find it useful!

– BuzzAndersen

Update: Since creating that example, I learned that it is not necessary to use the NSApplication category anymore, since NSApplication now has a delegate method called “application:delegateHandlesKey:”. Simply return YES from that method for key x, and NSApplication will pass calls to x and setX on to your delegate. Thought everyone would like to know…

If you’re tinkering with Buzz’s example to add delegateHandlesKey, be sure to comment out the call to “NSLog([[NSApp theObject] title]);” in the delegate’s applicationDidFinishLaunching method. Otherwise you’ll wonder why on launch, NSApplication still complains about not recognizing a selector called theObject (since that call doesn’t go through key value coding, it doesn’t get redirected to the delegate).

Unfortunately Buzz’s example doesn’t deal with one of the most problematic issues, which is supporting object descriptors. For example, I’d like to see how to support scripts like this:

tell application “ASTest” – this assumes that the app is modified to have N testObject elements set tempObj to the first testObject get the title of tempObj end tell

Supporting this would require ‘SimpleObject’ to have an -objectDescriptor method. However, I have not been able to get such a setup working. With the debug output on, I get “Error converting apple event to script command: -1700”.