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I want to learn how to support Applescript… but even the basic ones don’t seem to be communicating how to do it to me… so, here’s what I want (for starters) is a cocoa app that only responds to a single applescript command, that only takes a string…like say log…

0) new project -> cocoa application -> MyASTest

1) set info.plist key “NSAppleScriptEnabled” to @”YES”

2) add a file to the project MyASTest.scriptSuite (a plist), and edit it like so

{ Name = MyASTestSuite; AppleEventCode = MATs; Classes = { MyASTest = { Superclass = “NSCoreSuite.NSApplication”; AppleEventCode = capp; SupportedCommands = { MyASTestSuite.Log = “log:”; }; }; }; Commands = { Log = { AppleEventCode = MAlo; CommandClass = NSScriptCommand; Type = “”; /return type/ Arguments = { Target = { AppleEventCode = MAlt; Type = NSString; Optional = NO; }; }; }; }; }

3) put a category on NSApplication to handle it

@interface NSApplication (LogScript)

@implementation NSApplication (LogScript)

4) include category in main.m

5) test it with a short applescript

tell application “MyASTest” to log “hello, applescript!”

… and that’s what I’ve got… it doesn’t work… It currently does nothing…(well the main window shows up, and it doesn’t give me parse errors for the plist anymore…)

I think the problem is that you are using a string as a direct parameter. [[CocoaScripting is probably trying to send the “log” event to NSString. See DirectParametersAsValues for more information, but a quick fix would be to add a named parameter for the text. –DustinVoss

Is that it do you think? I dunno… If it was the direct parameter thing wouldn’t it still get into the block? or at least pump out some kind of error? Just I don’t get any action at all so it’s very tough to figure it out… well I’ll try naming the log’s parameter and report back in a bit…

I turned on NSScriptDebugging… I saw that it wasn’t loading the suite, so I gave the suite a real apple event code (the plist above reflects my changes) and now I get the following error:

2004-07-29 08:39:59.210 MyASTest[11424] argument terminology dictionary not found for name=Target 2004-07-29 08:39:59.227 MyASTest[11424] No readable name in dictionary

Do I need to separately declare information for each argument? I haven’t seen that in other dictionaries… one more question… if I don’t use the direct parameter route, how do I use the applescript? tell application “MyASTest” to log message “hello applescript!” ???

Do you have a .scriptTerminology file with an entry for the “Target” argument? (I use .sdef files, myself.)

just made one with the same results… here’s the scriptTerminology file (most basic version)… I should also say that the error occurs in trying to open the dictionary from Script Editor… just running tell application “MyASTest” to log “hello applescript” does nothing and if I try to put the word message between the words log and hello, the applescript doesn’t compile…

{ Name = “MyASTestSuite”; Classes = { NSApplication = { Name = MyASTest; PluralName = MyASTest; }; }; Commands = { Name = Log; Arguments = { Message = { Name = “Message”; }; }; }; }

Well, if the parameter is called Message, then the .scriptSuite has to say Message = {…} rather than Target = {…}. But really, I think it would be easiest to use an sdef file.

well… I’ll try that… but I think I came up with another problem… applescript has a built-in log command… but I still need to figure this out so I will be changing that name too…