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I just wanted to see what all the application designers had to say about bulk licensing. Some groups are interested in licensing my Assignment Planner [] application for bulk uses at schools, and I wasn’t sure how to approach the situation. I think that bulk discounts are a great idea; that is, to charge by the number of machines the application will be installed on. But, how much of a discount do you guys this is appropriate? I was thinking like 30% or 40%, depending on the total number of computers. I was just interested to see what others had to say on the issue and how you’ve approached this in your own applications. Thanks for the feedback!

– LoganRockmore

For smaller situations (I don’t know what “small” really is, <10 copies?) figure out some reasonable discount and go with it. 30-40% sounds good. For larger situations like these sound like they’ll be, you can negotiate with them. The more they want to buy, the larger a discount you should consider giving them. Of course, if they’re willing to buy 500 copies for 10% off then you ought to just go for that. Just remember that selling copies at a discount doesn’t really cost you anything, as the software is free for you to give out. – MikeAsh

Be careful not to devalue your time, effort, and software by dropping the price too quickly. Large organizations, such as multi-national businesses, have the budget needed to remain legal and purchase at normal software prices.

Your deliberation should focus on the value it provides the customer, and not your costs.

Discount where it helps ensure the sale.

You may find it easier to be up front about bulk discounts; we did. ( )

– GrahamMiln