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Describe ApplicationNotLaunching here. Sorry for the newbie question guys! I am trying to learn Cocoa and so far I would say I have been successful. I was able to create and build my app on my MacBook (intel) and it works great. I copied the application to another Mac (PPC) and when launching it, it shows up in the dock and then dies (disappears silently). What I was able to find is, if I logon to the PPC Mac using a LOCAL account on that Mac, the application works. If I logon using a NETWORK account (this Mac is connected to a Windows network and people logon to is using their Windows username/password - what works fine) then the application does not launch. It dies as explained above. Any ideas why such behavior would happen??? As I am new to OS X and Cocoa I have no idea on how to troubleshoot this. The application is something extremely simple and stupid (pretty much a window with a text field and a button, nothing else). I have no clue why this is happening… :-( Any ideas?


First, please read HowToUseThisSite and avoid creating pages in MailingListMode. Most uncouth … ;-)

As to your question, how about posting the crash report or messages from the console? Our crystal ball is still in the shop you see, so we have no way of divining this information.