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Can I somehow archive objects into XML? I don’t like the NSData mess in my plist…

The objects I am archiving just hold an NSDictionary of properties, can’t I have it archived as nice clean XML?


Then archive the dictionary and make a method to create the object with that dictionary.

Implement NSCoding and archive things however you like.

That doesn’t work. NSCoder only archives objects as data, not as XML. I suppose you could extend NSCoder, but then you can’t rely on the default encodeWithCoder: and initWithCoder: to use the right coder. However, if you are going to archive objects into a plist, it almost does make more sense to find the properties of an object and save those, rather than the whole object. Example plist file:

+Root | +—SomeValue | +–+MyObjectProperties | +–+MyObject1 | +–+MyObject2

…where MyObject1 and MyObject2 are dictionaries containing all the properties of the object (e.g., the name, the type, the delegate, whatever). –JediKnil

If you use NSKeyedArchiver, you can save it as XML. That’s what IB does when you save as 10.2+ XML. I don’t remember how it was actually done, maybe NSPropertyListSerialization was involved.

[myKeyedArchiver setOutputFormat:NSPropertyListXMLFormat_v1_0];