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Hi, trollbot 3000 here,

I have been working on a portable sound engine for way too long, it just keeps growing and growing. Boy I have a problem setting scope! However, some of the Cocoa components have been ready for a while, so I just zipped them up and posted them on SourceForge for y’all.

The package includes the following classes:

**ArkAudioUnit** - A thin wrapper around AUNode and AudioUnit

**ArkAudioUnitManager** - A manager object to handle the AUGraph setup and create AudioUnit's by name

**ArkAudioUnitEditor** - A simple but mostly complete class to open AudioUnit editor windows- both Carbon and Cocoa is supported

The code is released under the LGPL, but since I am the copyright holder I can relicense it at will. So if you want a more liberal license, just mail me jurksztowicz {a_t} gmail {d_o_t} com. Don’t worry, I won’t charge for a license unless you represent a fairly large company with deep pockets. I just want to get a good idea of who is using the code for what. –JeremyJurksztowicz

Here is an example to illustrate what the code may be used for.

// // A simple example of how you might create an audio engine using ArkSoundKit. // @interface Controller : NSObject { ArkAudioUnit * output; ArkAudioUnit * reverb; ArkAudioUnit * mixer; }

// // Create output. // output = [[ArkAudioUnitManager defaultManager] createDefaultOutput]; if(!output) { NSLog(@”Error creating default output AudioUnit.”); return NO; } // // Create reverb. // reverb = [ArkAudioUnit audioUnitWithType:kAudioUnitType_Effect subType:kAudioUnitSubType_MatrixReverb manufacturer:kAudioUnitManufacturer_Apple]; if(!reverb) { NSLog(@”Error creating matrix reverb AudioUnit.”); return NO; } // Reverb is turned off by default. else [reverb setBypassing:YES]; // // Create mixer. // NSString * mixerName = [[[ArkAudioUnitManager defaultManager] mixerNames] objectAtIndex:0]; mixer = [[ArkAudioUnitManager defaultManager] createMixerWithName:mixerName]; if(!mixer) { NSLog(@”Error creating mixer AudioUnit with name %@.”, mixerName); return NO; } // // Connect units. // [output connectInput:0 fromAudioUnit:reverb port:0]; [reverb connectInput:0 fromAudioUnit:mixer port:0]; // // Confirm, and return succesfully. // [output retain]; [reverb retain]; [mixer retain]; return YES;