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Hello, I just released the source code to my latest work in progress. It is a portable sound engine written in C++, with Cocoa AppKit extensions including a wave view and wave overview class (you know the kind you see in audio editors/multitrackers). A lot of the code is incomplete, but a few of the bits and pieces might be useful to Cocoa coders in general.

The classes which are more or less done, and ready to use are:





Some classes which are not yet ready, but will be in a fairly short while:



These are only the Cocoa classes which you might find useful, there are plenty of C++ classes which you may find useful.

In it’s current form the project is very much unfinished, but if you download the source and compile it, you will find that a lot of the scaffolding for a full fledged audio editor is in place. I welcome any programmer willing to help, I hope we can make this into a really good audio editor with a true Mac OS X look and feel.

The C++ sound core is MIT licensed, the cocoa classes dealing with AudioUnit’s is also MIT licensed, while the remaining Cocoa code, including the wave view classes, are LGPL licensed. I am the copyright holder to all the code, so if you want me to relicense some of the code, send me a good reason.

Jeremy Jurksztowicz [arketype] at [myrealbox] dot [com]