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I have an NSArrayController bound to an array “values” in my model object. There is, in turn, an NSTableView bound to said NSArrayController.

My problem is that there are a few times when I need to remove an item from the array in code. I do: (and if anyone can format this to make it look like code, it’d be much appreciated)

[self willChange:NSKeyValueChangeRemoval valuesAtIndexes:[NSIndexSet indexSetWithIndex:i]

[_values removeObjectAtIndex:i];

[self didChange:NSKeyValueChangeRemoval valuesAtIndexes:[NSIndexSet indexSetWithIndex:i] forKey:@”values”];

(i is the index of the item I want to remove).

Now, if there is only one item in the array, and it’s selected in the TableView, this message gets spit out on the didChange event: index (0) beyond bounds (0)

This makes sense, because I just removed that object. However, NSArrayController refuses to see so, even when I provide the NSKeyValueChangeRemoval value. Any ideas on how to fix?

I seem to recall reading about a bug with the array controller and having the last item removed when it was selected. Does it work for the other cases?

Yes, everything but when the last index is selected. Does anyone know of a good workaround for this problem when the action requires a selection? For instance a delete. Obviously, a row must be selected. I’ve tried [tableView selectRow:byExtendingSelection:], but it still doesn’t seem to cure the array controller.