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I’m new to Cocoa. I’m currently designing an app that uses a subclassed NSTextField and an NSTableView to present a list of choices to the user and filter those choices. That all works fine. My only problem is that I want the arrow keys to arrow up and down the list of possible items in the table view and do a few other nice goodies, but I can’t seem to get notified of those key presses no matter what I do. I found:

It says to overload the NSResponder methods, but I’m not seeing anything in those either. I tried the following keyDown: to no avail as well:

It never seems to get called.

I already use controlTextDidChange to filter the list, and it doesn’t give me anything for the arrow presses… What’s next? –Blarg

See FieldEditor.

I never updated this with my solution.

In the TextView’s delegate, you can implement

This gets the important key events we couldn’t pick up before and completely avoids dealing with key events.

Here’s a skeleton implementation.

Off the subject, but a safer way to turn a selector into an NSString is to use NSStringFromSelector.