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Graphic designer. English.

Recently bought a G5 and thought for that sort of money I want to be able to use everything it comes with, including XCode :).

Never programmed in anything but BBC BASIC before (showing my age here), but I’ve found Stephen Kochan’s book BookProgInObjC hugely helpful in starting to learn the language: and there’s plenty of meat in there to keep me going for some time to come.

Also been using the Apple recommended BookLearningCocoaObjCSecond to begin GUI programming. Rather disappointed at what it doesn’t cover but beginning to understand that any one book can only be an introduction - you’d need a whole library of books to cover all the classes in Cocoa, but it’s absolutely amazing what can be achieved with just tiny bits of code.

The CocoaBrowser mentioned at the end of the book is absolutely fantastic: makes those huge developer-doc html pages actually readable!