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AspectCocoaBugs -

Applying before advice to an alloc method, or after advice to a dealloc method will both lead to crashes because AspectCocoa attempts to get information from a “target” wich is nill… this is a known bug. Any ideas as to what AspectCocoa could do to fix this, other than preventing users from advising alloc or dealloc methods? this is not a problem for init methods. The solution to this bug is not a programming topic, it is a matter of design theory… do you allow your users a mechanism that will crash when they use it incorrectly, or do you take it away from them removing tha ability to use it at all.

There are a zillion issues with advising methods on NSObject… but we should be able to advise any NSObject methods which is declared in a subclass.

There is a conflict between ZeroLink and the Objective-C runtime function: objc_getClassList(). Thus, the default PointCut will return and incomplete list of Classes and Methods if ZeroLink is enabled.