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MethodSwizzling provides some useful information pertaining to my implementation…

A user of an aspect will define certain methods/classes or categories of methods or classes, which are to be overriden by a special method that optionally does something, then calls the original method, then optionally does something else.

The definition of what and when and where to override is called a PointCut. and the optionally does something is called Advice. (defined by an AdviceObject)

A simple example of what an Aspect could do: Whenever any method on NSObject is called (not it’s subclasses), print out the name of that method… I’m also going to need this: and the: _cmd pointer and the stuff in: /usr/include/objc

also, I’d like to find a replacement for:

NSMethodSignature * signature = [theClass instanceMethodSignatureForSelector: selector];
int num = [signature numberOfArguments];

Replacement: How about method_getNumberOfArguments .

You may want to review the chapter on Objective-C Runtime Functions and Data Structures at

so that I don’t have to rely on everything being a subclass of NSObject .. although I could parse the selector to look for the number of :’s if it were a string… how do I turn a SEL into an NSString

NSStringFromSelector(). It’s documented in the Foundation Functions page, but is fairly obvious.