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Just to try to learn more about objC I’m trying to “write” a base class, this crashes even through from what I can see it should work.

@interface MyObject {
Class isa; } + alloc; + allocWithZone:(NSZone *)zone; - (NSString *)description; @end

@implementation MyObject


Well… looks like you have a long way to go. AFAIK you have to implement retain/release/autorelease, although the actual ref counting is done outside the instance. dealloc is a must for sure.

ref counting is done outside of the object for NSObject. Since this is a root class, you have no way of getting at the table NSObject uses for ref counting (and it won’t happen automatically or anything).

Nah, you don’t have to implement retain/release to be a root class, believe it or not. But if you’d like it to interact sanely in Cocoa (not just ObjC), you should implement the NSObject protocol.

For an example of a root class that does not implement the NSObject protocol (or retain/release) see file:///usr/include/objc/Object.h .

It would be really helpful if you would say a little bit more than just “this crashes”, like saying how it crashes.

Last I checked, a bug in Apple’s ObjC runtime made it mandatory for every root class to have a +initialize method. If that’s still the case, this could be the reason for your problem.