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Hi, I would like to inform all the users that I have been creating / hosting a new series of tutorials for beginners based on Mac OS X programming. I will go through Xcode to C and ObjectiveC using Carbon and Cocoa plus some scripting langauge too.

If you think it could be interesting, please visit:

Thanks to all

Fabio B.

Thanks, Fabio. While I applaud your generosity in creating some new tutorials, it would be better if you simply added the URL, along with your brief summary, to our regular CocoaTutorials page. You should probably do that only after some substantial content has actually appeared on your website. Having checked there briefly, I see this is not the case. If you want to make a timely announcement like this one, we already have a CocoaDevBulletinBoard just for that purpose, and you can always renew it from time to time, in case you want to keep your website in the public eye, though people will frown if you do it too often.

Since you provide contact information on your website, in case users want to provide you with feedback, it’s very unlikely that the tutorials will generate discussion on this page. Furthermore, you have published the information on your personal page here, which you are more than entitled to do; duplicating the information as you have here amounts to little more than graffiti. It is really not in the long-term interest of the CocoaDev community to have a unique page for simple announcements like this one, or to fragment the listings of tutorials onto several pages. We also have several pages for beginners here, all of which point them in the direction of CocoaTutorials.

Thanks, I understand the point, I am still beginning both in the Mac world that on, I will modify my profile and update the cocoatutorial page when more content will be added on my site, it was made only a couple of days ago.

Thanks for the understanding. Fabio B.

Updated: New bunch of tutorials added, link now available under the CocoaTutorials page. Thanks, hope this will help some beginners. More to come! —-