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How much support would there be for upgrading CocoaDev to provide a better RecentChanges experience – like for instance? Most notable:

Yea: 6, Nay: 2

I’d definitely be for it, especially the part about usernames… finding a way to make everyone accountable for what they say, and adding a few speed bumps for spammers (captchas, email verification, etc) would be great. By this, I’d mean everyone should register to post. Setting admin privs for high-traffic areas like the front page would also help keep the spam down. Any chance we can have a nice, officially-sanctioned RSS feed with summaries?

I agree, too, especially since often we have to search through several screens to find a single new line (or worse, a changed word), or resort to adding a changelog part of every major page (see ObjectLibrary for a particularly bad example). Talk pages might be nice too, both to decide *what info is important and to avoid what’s happening to pages like NSToolbar and NSScanner. But that’s getting a bit far from the original request. –JediKnil*

“I’d definitely be for it, especially the part about usernames… finding a way to make everyone accountable for what they say”, says an anonymous user. :p

Of course, in this particular case, it was more of a matter of laziness rather than a desire for anonymity that I left out my signature above. - JasonTerhorst

I kind of figured - the irony forced the raz though. All in good fun, honest. :)

Oh, we’ve already discussed user accounts before (of course the page name escapes me). What would stop someone from creating a new account when they wanted to terrorize the site (or maybe just voice an unpopular opinion)? Email addresses are cheap/free and you can sign up/in from a coffee shop. Maybe we need to redo the pro/con lists, I dunno.

Just to clarify, “usernames” means a soft feature whereby you can indicate who you are, rather than using an IP address, not hard security. This is not a scheme to prevent attackers. – OP

That would be kind of cool. If it’s too soft then I can just sign as JasonTerhorst (I’m not), have my IP hidden and say whatever I want….I guess it’d still require accounts. hmm.

Your IP would still be accessible to all, but the system relies on honesty, not hard security, as it’s less hassle all round. – OP

Yep, as long as it doesn’t look as ugly as the example site.

Gee, thanks. Flattery will get you everywhere ;) – OP

So the name you supply would show as well as (not in place of) your IP…ok. Would you tie it to CocoaDevUsers or allow transient names as well?

I like it the way it is. Don’t change it. The only thing what I would like to see is that the OP of a question keeps us after-hoods informed when the issue has been solved. Also, I like to see more solutions on common problems or article’s with dept. Much more worthy then having account and the like. I think we should focus more on that. Thanks

I also think it is good the way it is, but I think you should have to include a brief description of what you changed, like on Wikipedia. Certain pages, such as those on the discussion list, would not require this description, because these pages mostly consist of replies. I suppose I really don’t want that many changes, however. -KaelB

Hmmm, yep, there is one thing I would like to see as an addition. When a user creates a ( new ) page and wants to save it, (s)he should get a dialog with some text that ask him or her to check things, like “Is this’ «page-name »’ ( ‘«spaceless page-name»’ ) correctly spelled”. And comments like “Do you think that other people understands what you want to solve, what your try to end with. Did you search this and other forms blah blah”. Because there will be a few new pages a day, this shouldn’t be a big hassle to let the people use it.

Or even before when a user creates a new page then on that page there could come a text area with the information as a sample like written here ( the second comment but then rewritten as a guide ). This area will then get out of the way when the page is saved.

What do you think about this?