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Does anyone know how to make use of the BezelServices framework? It is a private framework, and I assume it is the one that provides OS X with the ability to display feedback images for changes in volume, display brightness, etc (the images are located in /System/Library/CoreServices/BezelUI/Images/). I would like to provide this functionality for one of my applications. Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated.

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@protocol BezelServicesWireProtocol


Update 23th October, 2005 On the new iMac there is new methods in this framework for checking wheter your mac is capable of being used with a IR remote. I guess this functionality will be included in the next Mac OS X update, 10.4.3 ??


If you want to create bezels - try Growl ( ) - it has a bezel display. You can also embed it in your app (so that if people don’t have growl it will offer to install it for them.)