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Any hints for how I might draw the fancy badge that apple uses for drag and drop and the mail count with a bezier path rather than rely on bitmap images as resources?

Chech out NSBezierPath’s constructor method bezierPathWithOvalInRect:. Then check out NSAttributedString’s documentation so you can draw number’s with a white foreground color. You can also get the size of the number so you can make the badge large enough to surround the text drawn over the color filled circle. –zootbobbalu

That works great for a simple oval. I was hoping for pointers to drawing the fancier oval with points a la Apple Mail and iTunes programatically.

Mail has images in its bundle to do that.

Yeah, that was kind of the OP’s point. Hence the “with a bezier path rather than rely on bitmap images as resources?”

I think this is a case where a more general forum would be best able to help you – drawing code in general for tracing a ‘jagged oval’ …

Check out NSBezierPathCategory –zootbobbalu

or google for CTBadge :D jkp

CTBadge uses vector graphics, but still hard-coded bitmaps.

NSBezierPathCategory is just what I was looking for. Thanks zootbobbalu.

CTBadge doesn’t have hardcoded Bitmaps, but does have hardcoded PDFs of the badge masks

No prob, I just fixed a bug that was counting the vertical spacing incorrectly so you might want to take a look. –zootbobbalu