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BigNerdRanch is a set of people who teach Cocoa programming. They offer 5 day courses on Cocoa, and have two books. The first, “Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X”, is a book to teach Cocoa programming. See more at BookCocoaProgMacOSX. The second, “Advanced Mac OS X Programming”, discusses more advanced topics. See BookCoreMacOSXAndUnix. Their website is

So, has anyone here ever been to one of the 5 day classes?

I did. I liked it so much I became an instructor :-) I wrote a review over at MacEdition several months before I got involved with the BNR folks business-wise: . The location has changed (now in the Atlanta area), but the facilities there are very nice. If you want to get up to speed on Cocoa very quickly, The Big Nerd Ranch is a great way to do it. ++MarkDalrymple ( Edited by PietroGagliardi to escape spam filter with one of the words above )