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I’m trying to bind a NSTableView’s NSImageCell via Cocoa Bindings. I have a getter method in MyDocument that sets the image path of my image to be a tiff icon file that exists at the application bundle:


In Interface builder, I have the imageCell bound to File’s Owner (MyDocument) and the Model Key Path is the name of the getter method (cellImagePath). Running the code I don’t get any error and actually the method is fired (I can see that by the log that is created). But no icon appear. What I am missing?

I’m assuming that the cell uses - (id)initWithContentsOfFile:(NSString *)filename to load an image at a specific path, then loads that into the cell. But because the images that you are loading are already in your app bundle you might be better off using + (id)imageNamed:(NSString *)name in your getter method and returning an image rather than a string. Then your table’s image cell can use the image directly rather than having to allocate an NSImage and load it from path before displaying.


However if you must have a path returned then you might not be allocating your NSImage correctly. Your NSImage object should look like this:

NSImage *myCellImage = [[NSImage alloc] initWithContentsOfFile:cellImagePath];

Just found the error - here’s the catch:

I was binding the ImageCell to the results of my getter method, and not the corresponding NSTableColumn. doing that, the image loads correctly.

Can you explain that? What, finally, is the complete keypath you had to bind?

Sure. The steps to bind an image to a NSImageCell in a NSTableView are:

*On Interface Builder, select the desired NSTableColumn and be sure you’re selecting it, and not the corresponding NSImageCell;

*On the Inspector (Bindings) set the valuePath for the NSTableColumn to be:

*Bind to: in my case, the file’s owner (MyDocument), which is the class where I’ll declare the getter method for the image path

*Controller Key: nothing there

*Model Key Path: cellImagePath (this is the name of the method I have on my MyDocument class that returns the path for the image)

Now, in Xcode, create a class that returns the image path. In my case:


That should work.