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I’m creating a Core Data app and I successfully managed to get part of the interface working. I have 2 classes: Person and Address. The classes were defined on Xcode so that one person can have multiple addresses (one-to-many). When designing the GUI, I dragged two array controllers, one for the person list (will populate a NSTableView) and the other one for the address list (another TableView). This second tableView, along with some other controls (like NSTextFields) are all linked to the selection on the first NSTableView.

The problem that I get is that the second NSTableView (addresses) never works; everything else works fine.

This is how the array controllers and tableViews were configured:

PersonController: Parameters: bound to File’s Owner - managedObjectContext, Mode: Entity (Person) AddressController: Parameters bound to File’s Owner - managedObjectContext, ContentArray: bound to PersonController (

Person tableColumn 1: value bound to PersonController ( Address tableColumn 1: value bound to AddressController (arrangedObjects.address)

Buttons are all connected to the respective add/remove methods on the arrayControllers

What am I doing wrong? ?