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Any thoughts on techniques to sync the Cocoa Bindings and a Database like sqlite?

I am looking at DataCrux by Scott Stevenson at Tree House Ideas.

Just started experimenting, so no info yet. Don’t know if it will work or not.


I’m still waiting for the next release of DataCrux. Supposedly there are a lot of changes in the works.

DataCrux seems a lot like CoreData, all the way down to using SQLite. Does Scott Stevenson work for Apple?

No, I don’t. :) I think this is one of those situations where both Apple and I arrived at the same logical conclusion independently. That said, DataCrux isn’t a clone of Core Data or vice-versa. They address the same general area, but there are differences in strategies. The most significant difference is that DataCrux apps can be deployed on 10.2. LogTen ( ) is the first commercial app to ship that uses DataCrux. The public version of the build that LogTen uses is nearly ready.

There is now QuickLite 1.5. I’ve had good experiences with QuickLite 1.0. Version 1.5 looks even better.