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Q: How do you take an object, find out what it’s bound to, and retrieve values for the bound properties?

A: There is no documented, supported method.

A2: I’d like to start a discussion about this.

Disclaimer: unsupported means unsafe. This topic is for exploration, but real world use is not a good idea. Hopefully Apple will release public methods in 10.4.

See also BindingsBehindTheScenes.

In an NSTableView subclass of mine, it would be nice to be able to take a look at the table data. Without bindings, this is just -[NSTableDataSource tableView:objectValueForTableColumn:row:]. With bindings..

Well, in 10.3.7 this seems to work.

[[[tableColumn _bindingAdaptor] referenceBinder] valueForBinding:@”value” atIndex:i resolveMarkersToPlaceholders:YES]