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I was woundering if anyone knew of a good bluetooth resource. I found Apple’s documentation to be a bit lacking. I looked at there chat server/client and was still a bit confused. I also got my hands on a bluetooth manual and was still confused. I would like to eventually be able to create servers. Making a client is not so bad, its the server and the way that you advertise that I guess gets me.

E.g. I would like as perhaps an example, to be able to have my iMac claim that its a remote keyboard, that my laptop can detect. Then I could add the keyboard as I would a wireless. Just for an example. Is there a good tutorial on how to do this? I know you usually need to register such things, but I am doing this mainly to learn. Perhaps make a game bluetooth wireless or something.

Any pointers/help would be appreciated.

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Sorry, I read that part and I am still not 100% clear. I used to post the odd question a long time ago and never had many issues. Has this changed? or did no one just bother to correct me? Anyways, sorry where should this question go? Should I move it to the bluetooth page. I am a bit confused still after reading both about what i should do in this case.


LIkely nobody bothered to correct you in the past. The better link to post in this case is HowToAskQuestions. What have you tried already? What resources have you found already? The page title suggests (since this is a wiki and not a mailing list) the page will contain useful information on Bluetooth Server Tutorials … so it should try as hard as it can to be that resource. If you don’t have much info, that’s fine, but post what you’ve got and ask specific, pointed questions about what info you’re looking for / missing. The page is useless as a pointer to information that could be found via Google.

In all fairness, it’s difficult to separate this out initially, but the above poster is right. You should at least post what you already know or already have tried and ask for clarification on the information you’re missing, rather than create a page whose title indicates the page is a “signpost” for external information. This is analogous to creating a page for each Foundation or AppKit object, only to reference its documentation on ADC. If there’s nothing more than a pointer to an external resource, it’s no more useful than Google.