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Application Crashing 101: click the button in BombApp!

Included with the DeveloperTools.

If you use Panther and want to be a real jerk, try using BombApp to crash your programs, and then file bug reports from the dialog box that shows up when they crash. Yee-haw!

For best effect, type your crash description IN ALL CAPS AND USE LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!

Especially good idea if you shouldn’t have a Panther beta anyway … :-P

Does anyone have any idea how BombApp works? Sure, it crashes when you press the button (;

[NSApp release] *maybe? It just crashes. It's not a difficult trick to pull off ;)*

I have a friend who is completely obsessed with BombApp. Whenever he sees my computer, he always says “Hey, do the bomb thing!!”

Is it just me or has BombApp vanished?

Yeah. I have it on an old partition, and it still works… or doesn’t work, rather. Hmm… I wonder if it’s crashing the way it was intended to crash now, or if it’s just crashing?

7-7-06 by TheIronGiant: I found a screenshot of this application on so I came a-Googlin’ but found no link here on this page. :(