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Title:** Beginning Mac OS X Programming **Author: MikeTrent, DrewMcCormack Publisher:** Wrox **Release Date: July 11, 2005 List Price:**
$39.99 **


*Geared toward programmers with no prior development experience, this book serves as a comprehensive guide to programming on the Mac OS X platform *Discusses how to use Carbon, Cocoa, Objective C, AppleScript, and other Unix script programming languages, then shows how to put these languages together to develop seamless applications *Readers learn the architecture of Mac OS X, as well as how the new Xcode-a full suite of free developer tools-plays a major role in streamlining Mac OS X development *The numerous tools and utilities make Mac OS X development more productive, popular, and efficient

*About the Authors

*Michael Trent (Santa Clara, CA) has been programming in Objective-C since 1997 and programming Macs since well before that. He is a regular contributor to Steven Frank�s [] web site, technical reviewer for numerous books and magazine articles, and occasional dabbler in Mac OS X open source projects. Currently, he is using Objective-C and Apple Computer�s Cocoa frameworks to build professional video applications for Mac OS X. Michael holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science and a bachelor of arts degree in music from Beloit College of Beloit, Wisconsin. *Drew McCormack has a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics and works as a computational scientist in the Theoretical Chemistry group at the Free University in Amsterdam. He is involved in developing the Quantum Chemistry software ADF [], which is run the world over on computers ranging from desktop Macs to massive supercomputers. He programs regularly in Python, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, and Bash, and in his spare time develops the Cocoa financial software Trade Strategist []. Drew maintains the Maniacal Extent website�a reference to the chaotic dimension, time�which details his various interests and activities [].


*Since no one else has left a comment regarding this book I just wanted to say that I’m about halfway through it right now and it has helped me tremendously. It eases even an utter newbie through all the important and basic concepts in OOP programming, C language syntax, Obj C syntax, fundamental concepts like memory management, etc., basically holding your hand while it takes you from knowing next to nothing about Cocoa, to writing a full fledged app that uses both the Cocoa and Carbon frameworks. It also covers various scripting languages as well. I’m finding this book extremely useful, I recommend it to anyone who’s just getting started! *I can recommend this too. I’m not sure the Carbon focus of some of it is all that relevant, and there is a lot of “useless noise”, but it covers C, Objective-C, Cocoa adequately enough to get you over the initial learning curve. It’s also quite cheap, being Wrox.

Thanks for your kind words. My understanding from the publisher is the book did pretty well over its 2-year lifespan. I’m glad that it helped someone out, that was my main goal. – MikeTrent