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Title:** Cocoa Game Programming Workshop **Author: David Hill Publisher:** SpiderWorks **Release Date: Feb 15, 2005 List Price:**
$9.95 **


These unique step-by-step lessons will show you how to build CocoaQuest, a complete fully-functional 2-D game for Mac OS X – from scratch! This book will not only help you learn good game development techniques, but also help you master Cocoa programming.

*About the Author

David Hill is a freelance writer living in College Station, Texas. In a former life, he worked in Apple’s Developer Technical Support group helping developers print, draw, and write games. In his free time, he dabbles in games, screen savers, and other esoteric topics.

So, anyone got this book yet? Any good?

It doesn’t do a whole lot. You’re better off learning OpenGL or SDL, and putting those within Cocoa. The “game” that you would build from this book is very basic. Even Frogger has more complexity, and would be more interesting to learn how to build. I reviewed this for a blog entry, and I was being nice to the author then, but I’m going to say what I’ve found upon further inspection – it’s crap: not clear, not useful, and doesn’t cover the more important stuff, merely skimming over the topics that it does cover, and not covering the parts that should have gotten most of the attention. – JasonTerhorst

What’s the url for your blog-entry review?