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Title:** Cocoa in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference **Author: Michael Beam, James Duncan Davidson Publisher:** O’Reilley & Associates **Release Date: May 2003 List Price:** $39.95 **ISBN: 0596004621

Description: Cocoa in a Nutshell begins with a complete overview of Cocoa’s object classes. It provides developers who may be experienced with other application toolkits the grounding they’ll need to start developing Cocoa applications. A complement to Apple’s documentation, it is the only reference to the classes, functions, types, constants, protocols, and methods that make up Cocoa’s Foundation and Application Kit frameworks, based on the Jaguar release (Mac OS X 10.2). *See for more info…

*Sample Chapter for the Book: Here’s a sample chapter (Ch. 4, “Drawing and Imaging”): * * (pdf)

Amazon Link:** **Barnes & Noble Link: *O’Reilly & Associates Link:


*MichaelMcCracken - I assume I’ll have to buy this. I love Nutshell books. *Steve Dekore - As far as I can tell, this is, for the most part, just a hardcopy of the Apple reference docs that come with the developer tools.

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