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Title:** Cocoa Programming for Dummies **Author: Erick Tejkowski Publisher:** John Wiley & Sons **Release Date: To Be Published: March 3, 2003 List Price:** $29.99 **ISBN: 0764526138


Amazon Link:** **Barnes & Noble Link: *Publisher Link (sample code available):


Now I’ve seen everything! The last thing I ever expected was a book on Cocoa Programming for Dummies. :) I don’t think you can be a “dummy” and program the Cocoa Framework in Objective C. It’ll be interesting to see if they also throw in Applescript and/or Java too. *[They actually do] Aw, c’mon! I own this book. It’s on my reference shelf right next to “Advanced Nanoscale Engineering Design Theory For Dummies (TM)” Do we need another book on this level? *Ah, but there ARE no other Cocoa books on this level! ;-) *I think the more books on Cocoa Programming the better! Look at all of the books available in the Windoze world. Right now there are more programming books being written for Macintosh programming than there have been for a decade. In the long run this is good news for all! *Do we know anything about the author? A google search turns up “RealBasic for Dummies”, but nothing Cocoa-related. Is this going to be RealBasic for dummies with a find and replace?

*The book is disjointed, with that chatty Dummies style. Terrible editing, and lots of interruptions for stuff that someone at this level is not likely to find useful (the File Merge utility for dummies? GMAB!)

OTOH, there a couple of real gems. Like “everything you wanted to know about NSCalendarDate but don’t quite have a use for yet….” *I am a newbie to cocoa. That makes me the “dummy”… but after reading it, i still don’t know how to produce anything useful. I say… for anyone who does not know programming, don’t read this book because it does not teach any programming concepts. For advanced readers, don’t buy this book because you don’t get much out of it.