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Title:**Cocoa Programming **Author:Erik M. Buck, Donald A. Yacktman, Scott Anguish Publisher:**SamsRelease Date:September 16, 2002 **List Price:**$59.99 **ISBN:0672322307 *Description:Cocoa Programming is a comprehensive work that starts as a fast-paced introduction to the OS architecture and the Cocoa language for programmers new to the environment. The more advanced sections of the book show the reader how to create Cocoa applications using Objective-C, modify the views, integrate multimedia, and access networks. The final sections explain how to extend system applications and development tools in order to create your own frameworks. (1,272 Pages of INFO!)

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This book is awesome and huge! It touches many subjects from a trio of authors who ooze years of experience working with Cocoa (and OpenStep, etc…). I wouldn’t recommend this for a beginner, but for those looking to move past Aaron Hillegrass’s “Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X” or O’Reilly’s “Building Cocoa Applications” this book is the next obvious path to take. It will take weeks (maybe a month or two even) to devour and absorb most of the information that beams out from these 1,000 plus pages. *KevinPerry: I agree with the above. I’m not even a third of the way through this book, and it’s just great! I’ve learned tons that I didn’t know before that I couldn’t learn from the other “tutorial-ish” books. Another great thing about it is that I learned that one of the authors lives just 5 miles north of me! *After you’ve read Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, and then Building Cocoa Applications, get this book. It’s the Bible. *Fantasic book. Very comprehensive, even in the face of typos (and the fact they don’t understand the difference between ‘effect’ and ‘affect’, which makes some passages cringe-worthy) Also they seem confused over the difference between a bitwise-OR (|) and a logical-OR (||) *DennisMunsie: Before finding this book on eBay, I spent a few hours at Barnes and Noble just reading through it. It is an awesome book – once you have a good tutorial book, this is the follow up book that you must get. It’s big and heavy, and there isn’t any fluff to it. It’s all good :) *I’ve been immersed in Cocoa for the past two years. O’Reilly’s “Learning Cocoa” was the only book out when I started to learn Cocoa, so I have to admit that it did help me out a bunch. Since reading “Learning Cocoa” I have browsed “Building Cocoa Applications: A Step by Step Guide”, “Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X” and “Mac OS X Developer’s Guide”. All of these books are OK, but none of these books can match the utility of “Cocoa Programming” by Anguish, Buck and Yacktman (ABY).The way to learning Cocoa is to take the ABY Road ;-)I don’t like to spend mucho dinero for computer books, but I found myself browsing this book way too many times at Borders (the gas used going to Borders probably paid for this book and then some!!). I got a $30 gift certificate for Christmas to B&N and there was no doubt what I was going to do with the gift once I got it!! I think it says a lot when you buy a book you have practically read. Since I’m definitely not a beginner anymore, I can’t judge the merits of this book for people new to Cocoa, but I can say that MANY THINGS I WISHED WAS EXPLAINED CLEARLY in a book while I was learning cocoa (no pun intended) was touched upon in this book. Stepwise is a valuable resource for Cocoa programmers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Scott Anguish has brought the same level of quality to “Cocoa Programming”. *<– The book had 3 authors. Scott didn’t do it all by himself.For those who haven’t got it yet after reading all of these opinions, let me spell it out for you:B U Y T H I S B O O K ! ! ! !– zootbobbalu *This book absolutely rocks. I wish that I had three copies - one by the computer, one by my bed, and one to have at work.

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April 7 2005 update: Amazon has used copies from $6 and up! I just got a “like new” copy for $15 plus shipping. Since returning from Hillegass’ cource two weeks ago, I’m in high gear and need an advanced text!David!