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(See BookLearningCocoa for the old version of this book.)

Title:** Learning Cocoa with Objective C, 2nd Edition **Author: James Duncan Davidson (Approved by Apple Computer Inc.) Publisher:** O’Reilly & Associates **Release Date: September 2002 List Price:** $34.95 **ISBN: 0596003013

*Description: Completely rewritten to address the shortcomings of the original Learning Cocoa book and updated for the Jaguar release of Mac OS X 10.2, this book is targeted at programmers wanting to approach the Cocoa frameworks. It has just come off the presses and is available for purchase.

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*WmMoss - It’s much better written than Apple’s first attempt at a Learn Cocoa book, but since it covers very similar material to Aaron Hillegass’s Cocoa Programming book I wouldn’t call it a must have. If you haven’t read ANY Cocoa books, it could be quite helpful. Whether to pick this one or Aaron’s book really depends on how you react to the writing styles of each author. Personally I find Mr. Hillegass’s writing style more accessible, but Mr. Davidson’s style may click better with others.

*BUY IT - I liked this book a lot. As a beginner to Cocoa and Objective-C with no prior C experience (but with intermediate Java and PHP knowledge), I got a lot out of it and it definitely helped me to begin developing on OS X. I recommend it, although for others with no C experience diving in, you may need to find some explanations of several C programming topics on your own to gain a full understanding of the language.