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Title:** Mac OS X Developer’s Guide **Author: Jesse Feiler Publisher:** Morgan Kaufmann Publishers **Release Date: October 2001 List Price:** $49.95 **ISBN: 012251341X

*Description: As you begin developing for Mac OS X, you’ll face major changes, lots of difficult decisions, and also some terrific opportunities. The Mac OS X Developer’s Guide aims to do more than help you make the transition painlessly: It’s dedicated to helping you capitalize on these opportunities and positively thrive in this new environment. Inside is the background you need to get started, the instruction and examples you need to move forward, and the expert advice you need to solve your toughest programming challenges. At a stage where others may struggle to get up to speed, you can work more efficiently while building more powerful, more usable, more robust applications. That?s the beauty of Mac OS X, and of the Mac OS X Developer?s Guide.

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